Transfer Car

Andrews Automation Ltd design, build and install both standard and bespoke transfer car solutions throughout a wide and varied range of industries.  From a basic manually operated push trolley, to a fully automated transfer system, Andrews Automation Ltd can do it all.  Whether it be a motor gearbox powered rail system, or the latest laser guided Automated Guided Vehicles ( AGV’s ), Andrews Automated Ltd have the knowledge and technical support at our disposal to provide the solutions you need.

Our push-trolley car systems allow lateral transfer of product between rows of roller conveyor, generally gravity systems.  This type of system is a very popular method of conveying within the woodworking industry.  Our trolleys can be manufactured to bespoke design and incorporated both trolley and load foot brakes.

Our trolley systems, again, are made bespoke to customer requirements.  We are able to guide them via rails, floor markers, wires, magnets, or lasers.  This kind of system is particularly versatile as it is able to transport pallets and stillages to a designated area and can incorporate either chain or roller load drives, as well as a turntable.   We are able to provide systems where multiple cars are required and/or multiple loads require transporting.  This type of system is very common in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Systems are designed and built in-house at our facility in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, including both mechanical and control aspects.  This allows us to build and test as much as possible prior to site delivery and installation, minimising customer downtime.

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