Andrews Automation offers Denirug – the innovation for heavy products

Heavy loads can be hard to shift, but with Denirug from Andrews Automation this is a thing of the past.

Denirug is an innovation created by Denipro, which makes the transportation of heavy products simple and straightforward. Denirug allows pallets or crates to be pushed over the conveyor rollers with just one hand, which makes heavy items much easier to handle. In driven versions of Denirug, the motor no longer has to perform at maximum capacity. As a result, energy consumption decreases considerably, driving down the cost for a business. Denirug works with several rotating rollers with no pin transfer the load to the support, which they roll off, moving the unloaded rollers over the cage. The very strong rollers and their small distance to one another make the system very robust. Denirug is also modular, so that a roller rug of any length or width can be produced. The 300 mm or 500 mm roller bearings are ready to fit. As basic elements, they are simply placed behind and/or beside one another on a level base and fixed in the required position. They are easy to integrate into existing conveyors. Some of the features of Denirug are:

  • Cuts kinetic friction, therefore reducing energy consumption by up to 90%.
  • Minimises wear and tear.
  • Decreases the number of drives and transfer points.
  • Enables reliable operation of the conveyor and makes maintenance unnecessary.
  • Allows faster conveying speeds
  • Keeps the inclination angle in heavy-duty conveyors very low.
  • Is low in height.
  • Can be combined to make conveyor rugs of virtually any size.
  • Is ideal for enhancing conventional heavy-duty conveyors.
  • Makes efficient processes possible.
  • Keeps investment costs low.

Denirug Heavy Conveyor System Denirug Heavy Conveyor System Denirug Heavy Conveyor System Denirug Heavy Conveyor System

Andrews Automation are a dedicated Trade Partner to Denipro and can offer their complete range of conveyor products. For more information on Denipro please visit their website or contact us for more information.