Case Studies

Laminate Manufacturer

This solution was custom-made for a multinational laminate manufacturer who produces sheets of laminated material 2400mm x 1200mm and up to 40mm thick that required turning over for QA inspection prior to packaging and shipment.

Andrews Automation provided a compact solution incorporating a fully automatic turnover unit and powered roller conveyor.

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Chemicals Manufacturer

The manufacturer provide sterilized solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors and at the end of the manufacturing process need to move the solutions from a highly toxic de-gassing chamber to the warehouse for storage before dispatch.

They needed the help of Andrews Automation to automate this, ensuring safety at all times and making it as efficient and effective as possible.

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Automotive Components

This client is a major supplier of automotive components throughout Europe and had a requirement to move parts orders from a mezzanine floor. Andrews Automation designed, manufactured and installed a twin belt conveyor system. This allowed the company to move far larger quantities of stock on different levels safely using the belt conveyors.

One conveyor handles incomplete order parts, the other completed orders, both contained in plastic tote bins.

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Automotive Parts

The project was for a very large car parts manufacturer in the Midlands, who wished to extend their current system with additional zones. Andrews Automation designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke solution that was tailored to exact specification the client provided.

Andrews Automation designed, supplied, controlled and commissioned an extension to a fully automatic pallet strapping system that involved an additional 5 pallet zones with automatic accumulation.

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Engine Manufacturer

Andrews Automation were invited to offer a solution to a highly manual operation involving parts bins return to suppliers. Engine parts from suppliers are delivered to the engine assembly line contained in a variety of plastic tote bins and standing on wooden CHEP style UK pallets.

Once parts are removed the bins have to be packed and returned to the respective supplier for reuse. Tote bins were stacked onto pallets and manually strapped to retain them in transit. This was a highly manual process.

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Kitchen Manufacturer

Andrews Automation recently completed a major supply chain project for a large Kitchen Manufacturer spanning two years, as a result of them switching from batch to individual order production.

They said "Andrews Automation were very professional. They supplied not only great ideas but also the complete range of products required at competitive prices with good lead times. The choice to use Andrews was obvious".

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Packaging Manufacturer

Andrews Automation recently completed projects for a packaging manufacture that has delivered significant savings to these organisations. They said, “The new Andrews system pallet conveyor gives us a quick return, cost savings and some real efficiencies. It’s a no-brainer’.

The auto wrapping pallet conveyor system installed for them provided improved efficiencies through delivering savings on raw materials and an increase in the ‘wrapping rate’. The savings on wrap alone were a bonus-over £20k. This, combined with a buffer and feed to a forklift that deliver labour and efficiency savings will ensure the system pays for itself within a year.

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Workspace Specialists

The manufacturing process time was dramatically reduced by the introduction of an adhesive application, and we were able to recommend a conveyor handling system that offered further increases in productivity through designing and installing a multiple panel vs. single panel rolling conveyor, a powered turntable to improve speed and efficiency in the process, conveyor speeds that reduce the need for any storage and handling during manufacture and an automated scissor lift system facilitating improved handling and direct dispatch.

Our expertise and experience in automated systems means we can look at a project and create a customer solution that delivers measurable and tangible benefits to companies quickly. We can then really add value through competitive pricing that helps customers achieve the tangible financial benefits they are looking for in today’s economic climate.

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