Deniway Chain Conveyors

Andrews Automation offer a comprehensive range of Chain conveyors which can be used in a number of applications to handle goods up to 2000kgs.

Andrews Automation offer an exclusive range of Q89 powdered chain conveyors which are specifically designed to handle products up to 2000kgs. This allows for large boxes, crates, tote bins and pallets to be transported over long and short distances on multiple levels. Chain conveyors work especially well in a warehouse environment where goods are palletised and transported from assembly or packing areas to loading and dispatch areas. Having such systems in place reduces the needs for manual transportation, reducing the risk of health and safety problems and manual handling issues.

Andrews Automation are also now able to offer Deniway chain conveyors which are the latest innovation in chain conveyor systems. They offer a simple and reliable system which is subject to much less wear than a conventional system, therefore increasing productivity, reducing downtime and the need for maintenance.

Deniway Chain ConveyorsJust some of the advantages of the Deniway chain conveyors are:

  • Easy assembly and dis-assembly as it works like a kit.
  • The chain conveyor is outstandingly simple, robust and reliable.
  • The complete system is based on rollers.
  • Due to the systems design, it is subject to less wear and tear.
  • The complete system is low on maintenance and extremely durable.
  • The chain conveyor enables long conveyors of up to 300m with just one drive.
  • Offers low energy consumption due to the reduced numbers of drive motors.
  • The system is ideal for large unit goods of up to 50kg.
  • Fast speeds of up to 1.5 m/sec allows for efficient transportation of items.
  • The conveyor is available in stainless steel, allowing it to be used within the beverage industry for example.
  • Due to its simple design and speed it increases productivity.
  • Cuts investment costs and TCO.

Whatever your requirements are, we can built a tailor-made chain conveyors to your exact requirements. Give us a call today to discuss your project and we can identify the correct solution for you.