Comprehensive Conveyor System Integration

A Comprehensive Service for Conveyor System Integration

robot-unionAndrews Automation offer clients a comprehensive package from the initial design and specification stages, right through to after-sales support. We cover all aspects of a project including specification, procurement, design and installation. Our comprehensive package also includes an appropriate maintenance and service contract for all our conveyor system integrations.

Our comprehensive solutions have been utilised by many multinational companies including Ford and Caterpillar. This is due to us offering a flexible, efficient and competitively priced service that helps to reduce costs and maximise the return on investment.

Our Comprehensive Service Includes:

Specification: We consult with all customers right from the initial planning stage of the conveyor system integration proposal in order to fully understand every aspect of the project including your deadlines and expected outcomes.

Procurement: We identify and select the most appropriate equipment, suppliers and conveyor system integration solutions to make sure we supply the best possible solutions.

Design: We provide a full CAD and integrated solution simulation presentation so you see the scope of what is proposed.

Installation: Our professional installation team has considerable expertise and experience of working with our customers to build and install the solution with as little disruption to your business as possible.

In-House Control System: Our bespoke in-house control system capability offers the very best in technical applications and service, at a competitive price. We use a state of the art PLC based control system which is design, build and programmed in house.

In House conveyor system integration systems

After-sales support: Fast, reliable and a comprehensive range of technical support from our engineering team can be tailored to meet your needs, giving you total reassurance.

Comprehensive Conveyor System Integration