New Offer for Robo Wave Mobile Wrapping Machine

We currently have an offer for a Semi-Automation Mobile Wrapping Machine.

The mobile stretch wrapping machine ROBO WAVE enables a stable and compact wrapping of every kind of palletized product with no size restrictions. As ROBO WAVE is a battery powered machine that can operate anywhere, it also solves problems concerning loads that because of load instability or load dimensions cannot be moved to the packing areas.

mobile wrapping machineCharacteristics

  • Powered pre-stretch carriage, stretching percentage 200% Max useful pallet height 2400 mm
  • Adjusting of film tension
  • Guide wheel diameter 405 mm
  • Spool carriage anti-fall device
  • Safety bumper to stop the machine when running against obstacles.
  • Automatic adjustment of maximum wrapping height via a photocell;

The machine includes

  • Battery charger inside the machine, supply 100-240VAC
  • Regulation of rotation, up & down speed carriage
  • Separate regulation for top and bottom wraps
  • 2 wrapping cycles + top sheet cycle
  • Flashing light and beeper for cycle start
  • Battery autonomy for 80p (1 p/min using a 23 micron film)
  • Supplybybatteryof24v–42Ah
  • Battery charger: 100-240 v, 50-60 Hz- out 24 VDC


  • Machine destination = UK
  • Pallet dimensions = Min. 500 x 500 mm - Unlimited
  • Load dimensions = Min. 500 x 500 mm - Unlimited
  • Pallet weight = Min. 80 Kg – Max. Unlimited
  • Min load height = 500 mm (pallet included)
  • Max load height = 2000 mm Max. (wooden pallet included)

For more information on this offer please contact us on 01405 768 900 or email

The Robo Wave semi-automation mobile wrapping machine in action: